Available  on Spotify and iTunes. A physical CD will be available from Amazon soon.

1. Whatever May Come
2. The Coming Night
3. Everything In Reverse
4. Lift Me Up and Put Me Down
5. Nightmares
6. Call Me in the Middle of the Night
7. Until the Dancing Is Gone
8. Heels and Heartbeats
9. Stay

Thanks to:
Adam McCauley - for his artwork and generally being a stand-up guy.
Kim Rosen of Knack Mastering - for mastering tracks 5-9.
You - for listening.

Greetings to all tragically patient cult fanatics, whose masochism, while I cannot say I understand, I certainly will not discourage.

Greetings to the mildly interested. 

Greetings to those whose presence here is incidental and immaterial in scale to a grander motif of an eternal struggle against boredom. May you find listening to my music marginally less abhorrent than doing nothing at all.

And to the starry and blurry eyed souls who haven't any notion how they ended up here or from where they have come: though our ships pass for but a fleeting moment, the universe is nevertheless obliged to record that they did in fact pass.

Album Update: All the tracks for the new album are recorded and currently being scrutinized for an immanent release.

Live Bear Shows: I'm currently playing shows in and around Pittsburgh with a new band, Cabin Full of Bears (facebook and soundcloud).  Cabin Full of Bears is definitely not Zsammy, but it's got my influence. So if you have the chance, come check us out.

We will be playing a number of dates this summer. Certainly in Pittsburgh, and hopefully in a few other cities on the near-east coast (if you would like us to play a show near you, say so. We'll try to make it happen.)

Next Show is March 8, 2012 at the Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh. More TBA.
I added Be Let Down to iTunes today. I realize this is somewhat overdue. I have always provided my music for free download here on zsammy.com and plan to continue doing so indefinitely. But people have asked (rarely but more than a few times) where they can buy Zsammy music, apparently out of some misguided sense of duty to starving artists.

It's worth noting that I am not starving. Neither am I a masochist. So if you are a new fan or a long-time listener who wants to support me by purchasing that which can be had for free, the following distribution outlets will facilitate your charity:


Thanks to everyone, especially those who have been encouraging me to keep making music over the years.

By the way... new album coming soon!